What to Wear to Graduation?

Ray's graduation from BCT isn't until September 11, but I want to start looking for what to wear to it. It's in Oklahoma so it will still be pretty hot and humid, but is this a semi-formal church-wear event or is it completely casual? Like should I wear a dress or nice pants or maybe just jeans? I have heard that heels are definitely not a good idea because there will be a lot of standing around so what else should I wear? And what about Family Day? Help Please!

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5 Responses Jul 29, 2009

omg girly zachs graduation is in september 11th in Oklahoma too..thats exciting..i planned on wearing a sundress and flip flops cause it will still be pretty hot! but i am going to be packing a whole bunch of cloths..i am excitedd=]

I would wear a sundress and flip flops! Good luck putting an outfit together!

Yeah, i went with a dress also, Johns graduation from basic was 20 minutes long, short & sweet. so i would wear something nice, but not too too dressy. he'll be so happy to see you, he wont even care what you wear! hah but you are like me, i brought sooo many outfits, for only two days ahah

I went to my bf's graduation a few weeks ago in oklahoma and it was HOT! I wore dresses both days they were casual comfortable ones though..definetly do not wear heels! i would not wear pants it was 112 degrees there on graduation day. I'm not sure how different the weather is in sept.If your not a dress person wear shorts or something its not that formal.Hope this helps!

It will depend on what your partner is wearing. Usually guys wear a shirt and tie. As it is a special event for Ray, wear something a little special that shows that you know how important his graduation is to him. I'd probably go for nice pants and top.