well today i waited for my phone call it finally came when i was with some friends. well i went out side to tlk to him in privit and it was the best phone cal of my life. we talked about getting engaged and how now he does not think of me as his girlfriend he thinks of me an his fiance. which made me so happy to hear that. and to know that he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and only me couldnt not of came at the right time he said we will be getting engaged soon but wont tell me when ughhh! its driving me crazy! i love him more than ever..but for some reason i am still upset i dont get it o get 55 mins on the phone with him and  i am still upset what is wrong with this i just cant be happy any more i dont wanna leave my house unless i have to and just not happy anymore not myself anymore and just i feel like my life is falling apart help me please!!!!!!

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girly thats awsome!!! wen my soldier first left he couldnt stop thinkin about getting married its the sweetest feeling ever.... and its not your fault you think that way we all do in the beginging it will get better with time just keep yourself busy and work on you he is off playing g.i joe you need to be working on finding out who you are so when he gets back you can tell him about what you have done and learned and he can tell you about what he has done... thats the best feeling ever it keeps your relationship strong trust me been there done that (plus its a great feeling) he needs to know you can trully handle this life and be happy with it that makes it easier for him and he wont worry about you.... <br />
but you will have good days and bad... thats when you come on here and vent and know that your not alone... and trust me baby girl you deffenitly NOT alone...<br />
<br />
anyways didnt mean to right a dam novel but if you need to talk im here message me anytime.... im selina by the way lol

Aww! Girly, I am so sorry. The only thing I can say is that it is prolly because your other half isn't there with you. I know it's hard for me to go out and about since I can barely talk to my boyfriend. And if I don't have my phone on me, especially on a Sunday, I freak out. I am so afraid that I will miss his phone call. Just remember, you have to stay strong for the both of you. If you need anyone to talk to or vent with you can feel free to message me! And congrats on the almost engagement!