I'm Stronger Than This, Or So I Thought...

Okay so I think I finally cracked!! I hit that point where the smile turns to a frown and tears start coming before you even realize your crying... Today was that kind of a day! I've been really nervous about my bf Ian  leaving for Texas after he graduates from AIT this thursday. Yeah, I should be proud and I am, but it's hard when you can't be there to celebrate. It's the Texas part that has been wiggin' me out... and i'm not really sure why. His unit is currently in Afghan so he might be immediately deployed once he gets there. I guess there there are just so many things running through my head, like if he does get deployed will i get to say goodbye? how long do they usually go out for? And how do you know what you can and can't send them? Ian is the most patient, kind, loving person and I am doing my best to stay strong for him! I just don't want to cry anymore..

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I feel you with all of that.. John will be going to Fort Hood, soon also. Whatever happens, if he gets deployed earlier than you wish, you will stay strong for him & yourself. You can do it.. I know, i cry & cry & cry, i just don't understand how i can do it so much. But you have to find the strength in yourself, think of your future together & how happy you both will be. You can do this girl! message me if you need to talk. xoxo paige

My bf got deployed 3 days after he got done with basic!!!! he is in Iraq on his second deployment right now. I was not with him while he was in basic or on his first deployment. I am new to all of this as well. It is very hard!!! Is your bf in the army or marines? Usually marines are deployed for about 6 months or so and army is usually 10-15 months, but this can vary a lot!!!! That will kinda give you an idea of a time fr<x>ame tho. My bf said I can send him pretty much anything. He likes to get letters, pictures, and baked goods like cookies and his fav...banana nut bread!!! lol Good luck with everything and Im always here if you ever need to talk...I think it helps to talk to girls that are new at this whole experience!!!!

Heres the thing. We all have bad days however there is no reason to get yourself worked up. I'm here if you ever want ot chat or have any questions I will try my best to answer them.xx