Good News!

Okay, so despite me being down about my sucky day....I have good news! Its not earth shattering or anything, but its made my week.

Got a message from David's friend whos overseas. She said David and his people had to make a pit stop at her base and asked her to forward a message to me. It was just a simple.."I miss you babe and I love you." But to me, this makes it easier. She said he'd specifically asked her to relay one to me...then his family...lmao! Im just happy to know hes safe and that hes missing me too. :D Hopefully he'll be back stateside in under 3 wks she told me. Hopefully. Im not gonna hold him to it cause the Army does with him what they want. I just wanna hug him and never let go. Thought yall would like knowing. Thanks for all the support!

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Strong is quickly becoming my middle name! Lmao. Thanks everybody, you gals are truely awesome!

aww im so excited he'll most likely be back state side soon! it's the little things like that, that make us soo happy! I'm happy that your feeling better! & that he found a way to contact you! stay strong, you can do this girly!! xoxo paige

Thanks you guys. :D And yes, I have been in the same situation with David twice now. This past deployment was frustrating. Twice they told him he was coming home and he'd tell me and his family.....once it was like a month short of him gettin home and the second time he was literally sitting in the airport and they yanked him bk for another month and a half. Uhhg. Im just hoping its soon! Ya see, a week and a half ago he was home. I hadnt gotten to see him yet because the 'powers that be' didnt wanna let him off base cause they was keepin him busy witht he rigger rodeo at Bragg. He didnt even get to call me or his all.. but he was leaving me offliners at night before he'd go to bed...then i didnt hear anything for two days and tada....I found out he was overseas...again. lmao. I was campin at the moment and when I came bk He'd left me an offliner tellin me he wasnt allowed to share info about what he was doing etc...but he already missed me and loved me. So yes ladies, thats what i have been dealing Can I get a Hooah? XD

I am excited he'll be back soon! It always the best to see our soldiers again! Its like falling in love all over again! Haha thats what me and one of my friends (her husbands a Marine) always say. We are lucky cause we get to fall in love all over again with our men!! And I am glad to know you not full expecting him home when they say haha, my friends husband was down to 8 days tell he was home- they were so excited he was finally going to meet his son- then it changed and it took him an extra month to get home!! I always say to expect the worst but hope and pray for the best!!

I am so excited for you girl! Aren't those simple little messages the best??? =]] He'll be home soon enough. So stay positive and push through these final days knowing he'll be home soon. =]] Good luck with everything.

Lucky girl and lucky boy make a lucky couple.

Aww! That's really cute. :) He'll be home before you know it! Keep going strong.

that's so nice that he made it a priority to get you a personal message. it's something you'd see in a movie or read from a book. i love it!