Sometimes I Feel So Lonely...

Right now my boyfriend of over two years is at AIT at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. I miss him terribly and he truly is my everything. I am currently at school and this is my third night here. One of my best friends is also up here with me, but she can't always be around me. I have no other friends than her and I am a really shy person. Without him here or without being able to talk to him, I feel so alone. I just don't know what to do with myself. I can't wait for classes to start because at least then I will be busy. What should I do with myself? I'm not the type of person to go up to people and introduce myself. I am a very invert person. (I think that's what it's called.) Does anyone have any advise?

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Thanks so much girls for all of your help. It means the world to me to have girls like you be so supportive. My night actually got better. =]] I went out with some friends and played sand volleyball in the dark. Dangerous but so much fun!!!! We also watched some stinking fun shows. I haven't laughed that hard in so long. I signed up for rush week to join a serority too. So that should be fun. =]] Thanks again girls for all of your support.

Are you a freshman and are you in the dorms? Those are the BEST places to meet new friends. I'm a senior in college and most of my good friends are girls that I lived with my freshman year. Everyone is in the same position of being new and needing to find people to hang out with. Plus the good news is that freshman year flies, at least it did for me:) If you're not a freshman, then maybe this would be a good time to look into student groups. Any interests that you have might be represented by a group on campus. Check into it and if you need anything or want to talk feel free to message me. You're not alone in this!!

just as littlemissindecisive said, this is your time to grow & branch out!! you need to meet new people, be friendly & outgoing!! otherwise school will be a drag without meeting new friends! don't be shy, introduce yourself & when your not studying go out & have some fun! you need to branch out girl! i know its hard when your out of your comfort zone, but you will adjust soon! good luck & message me anytime!! xoxo paige

and really, there are so many people who feel the same way you do. Everyone loves a chance to talk about themselves. If you don't feel comfortable talking ask them questions. Then once you feel comfortable enough with them open up more! You'd be surprised how much coffee and short talk dates are with people. Not time consuming, a good study break, and fun!

THIS IS A TIME TO CHANGE AND GROW! show yourself how strong you can be! I used to be very introverted, but people saw me as stuck up and rude. I took counseling and it really changed my life. Most of it was wrong assumptions and worrying about ridiculous things! I started out with coffee, mcdonald happy meal, or walking/working out dates with girlfriends one on one... which is easier to cope with. If someone starts talking to you, talk back! And after a good conversation, merely say, "we should go out for coffee...etc... sometime what's your number! Really while he's away set goals for yourself. You'll be proud of yourself and I'm sure he will. I've got quite a lot of great friends doing that. And my school is the best place for me when i'm in this circumstance now. i'd prefer it much over family anymore! sad but true! if you ever wanna talk, I'm here too! I mean if you wanna message or anything that has helped me out on those nights that i don't have activities! EVeryone needs a good friend, right! :D just message me sweetheart!