First Call!

so my boyfriend got to call for the first time in two months two nights ago. he called his parents house, and of course i wasn't there.. which made me a bit sad that i missed such an important thing! well last night, my sister & I and his best friend decided to all hang out and go to the mall. we were in the mall and I had no cell service, but i didn't really care because I was not expecting any important calls or texts.

Well I stepped onto the escalator and immeadiately got full bars, which was really weird. and about 5 seconds later i got an incoming call from an "unknown i.d." and i answered. it was a guys voice saying "heyy" but it was loud where i was and i couldn't tell who it was. so i asked, and he replied "who do you think?!" and then a big smile came onto my face and i knew immeadiately. i was sooo excitedd. he got about 15 minutes to talk, I let his bestfriend talk for a few minutes too. It was soo nice to hear his voice and hear that he was okay, and hear him say "i love you" on the phone again.

so all in all, when you're patient and wait, good things really do come to you

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7 Responses Aug 23, 2009

awwhh :)<br />
well i hope it was a good cry! yes me too hun me too

idk why but your story made me cry! :P That is so sweet! I love calls like that!

thank youu :) <br />
and yes i agree!! but sometimes surprises like those make your day.

Don't you absolutely love when that happens?! I always try so hard not to obsess over my phone being by me, but it's so hard not too!!!

That is a great story!!

thank youu! and yes, hang in there, it will come. :)

what a great story!!! i'm sooooo glad you finally got to talk to him! you've been very patient and you're right....good things come to those who wait! you've helped me a bit as i try to cope with not hearing from my man for quite awhile and i'm going nuts. maybe i'll get that phone call soon, too! :) smiles all around!!<br />
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