I Want to My Army Boyfriend

i have been with my boyfriend for 8 months. i love him! he makes me so happy every time we are together is like the first time. but when it comes down to his job, is hard for me to understand why he has to work so many hours and why he has to leave for days. i have to learn how to understand and be patient when he has to be away from me. i just sometimes don't have anyone to talk to about the way that i feel because none of my friends are with or dating someone who is in the service. sometimes it would be nice to talk to someone who is in the same situation and share our experiences.

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welcome to ur support group, every1 here knows what its like to say see u later to the love of their life countless times. there isnt any glorious thing about the situation. u go through so many emotions n it is really hard, but its just that that makes ur relationship so special. many civilian relationships r based on physical attraction and they dont usually last. a relationship with a solider is incredible, u r forced to connect on so many diff levels. u learn to cherish every moment u r given and the smallest thing like a letter that simply says i love you goes a very long way. dont be discouraged when u have weak days we all do. just keep pushing forward n find new ways to connect, although phone calls r amazing they are a rare gift so be creative and enjoy every second of this adventure!<br />
if u need anything im always here

As charon85 said, you will learn to adjust, you are a strong woman & you will find that out through your journey with him. This website has helped me so much, these girls are life savors, you came to the right place!! message me anytime! stay strong for yourself & your soldier! xoxo paige

This is a test for sure of your true love for your army guy. The Army can be so unpredictable at times, that you will learn to adjust. He gets just as bummed to be aways from you and you do when you are away from him!! Being with a man in the military is not for weak women. You will learn to be strong and supportive in ways other woman can not be. This site has helped soooo much. While your friends may be supprotive, no one will undestand unless their man is in the army!!.Message anytime if you want to talk. We are all here for you!!

I think that is the reason a lot of us are here. Support from fellow Army GFs. None of my friends get anything i'm going through and they don't even listen to me when I talk to them about it or even pretend to. So it can be so hard. We're here for you though! If you ever want to talk feel free to message me! Where is your guy right now?