I Think Its Over

have you ever just gotten that gut feeling.. that things are over? ive had that since the last time i talked to my soldier. well i guess you could say talked.. he hasnt really talked to me in like a week now. somethings been stressing him out and he wont tell me what and our conversations are pretty much non existant. the other night i was trying to talk to him, he went out of his way to **** me off, i signed off messenger, got back online the next morning, sent him a message that just said hi, and i love you (yes i finally told him i love him) and i havent hurd from him since and i just have this gut feeling that its over. i dont know what to do with myself. if it is i need closure i need to hear it from him, so im a mess and not sure what to do


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hey girls thanks so much for your support, he attempted to instant messge me earlier today, apparently the net hasnt been workin back in his room, but he said hi hun and watcha doin, which doesnt seem like much but he hasnt called me hun in a while or asked what i've been up to in a while either, he stopped talkin after that, but it was enough to comfort me and make things ok for right now, sounds dumb i know lol i just miss the days of being able to talk to him all day, since his schedual got flipped thats been really hard but im trying to deal with it.. thanks again ladies

thanks that really helps a lot

I know its hard, but just relax. I have noticed that when men are stressed they always pull away and deal with it on their own terms, even men not in the military. My husband has always been that way. I have learned to just let him be, talk about random stupid stuff, like a movie you saw and think he would like.. dont bring up relationship stuff, or the stresses of work... keep things neutral and hell be able to relax and talk. I know its hard cause we want to be involved but i have found that once things calm down for my soldier, he will then come and tell me what has been going on. Guys like to work things out alone. I am sorry he has been so stressed lately-- send him a care package, just letting him know you have been thinking of him.. message me if you need to talk

thats the thing, hes not so easy to talk to all the time. hes in iraq right now and i know that facters into a lot and explains a lot of things, when things are good we talk all the time. hes told me a few times that hes really stressed and tired and that he doesnt want to drag me into his drama, but its affecting our relationship. just the little things like he doesnt use pet names and doesnt message me first. hes always signed into yahoo as invisable so i never really know if hes there. hes just a complicated man and im not handeling it so well. i actually got him to talk to me for a few min and asked him if he still wanted to be with me (weve decided not to officially be together till he comes home cause we havent met in person yet but weve been talking for going on two months and i know it may sound weird to be so attached to a man that i've never met) but he said duh when i asked him that and i tried to tell him that i havent been able to tell latley and that i wouldnt ask if i coud tell, i asked if he still cared about me and he said duh again. and now hes not tlaking. these rollar coaster rides are wearin me down

Have you tried to talk to him about it? it could be that things are just really stressing him out. Im not sure where your BF's at or anything, but dont stress yourself out until you talk to him about it. this sounds really rough and im sorry let me know if you wanna talk :)<br />