So Happy

So my boyfriend jus called me from Iraq i was soo happy!! i havent heard his voice for a week now! i miss him soooo much!! an we was talkn an then i lost service i started cryin cuz i didnt kno when id talk 2 him again but then my phone rang again an it was him!! Ive never been soo happy ever but i wouldnt change being a army girlfriend fo anything n tha world!! an 2day sum lady was askn me wat my boyfriend do an i told her he was n tha army an was over n iraq rite now an she was like oooo im sry an i was lookn all depressed i hate tht tht when ever sum1 would ask an id tell them they look all sad an is telln me im sry an they dont kno how i do it!! but o well i jus ignore them!! I love my soldier!!

ButtaScotch14 ButtaScotch14
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3 Responses Sep 2, 2009

Thanks gurls! an Charon85 Imma try that next time haha! and Halleystella it is hard at first but it gets easier. When my bf first deployed i was so worried cuz i didnt get 2 talk 2 him fo so long but after tht first phone call, letter, email or watever it makes things so muc better. it gets easier an u kno u have all of us 2 talk 2 since we all are goin through tha same thing! if u need anything jus email me gurl!

I love when I get phone calls!!! So happy for you!! And when people say "I'm sorry" and look depressed, correct them! Tell them that he is well and happy! that will throw them for a loop!

well i hope you feel better..i dont know how i am going to deal with this deployment..i have not friends here, but only internet and on my xbox 360 but other than that he is going to be in raq..i so wish that he cannot be over there! but you know it happens...troops should be back home already..but girls...all we can do is just PRAY, and have <br />