Just Needing to Vent I Think....

So ever since my boyfriend has graduated from BCT and gone to AIT, things don't always seem to be the same. He's in reception right now so he's pretty much got his phone on him all day long. Which is nice. But, I'm worried he's having second thoughts about us or something... I know I am prolly being stupid but sometimes he says the cutest things, and other times he's just kind of a jerk. And like tonight I was watching a movie with some of my friends in her dorm (and these are friends that he isn't too fond of, but they are the only people I know up here so far). And well, when he called me he asked what I was up to, so I told him. And then he was just like, 'Oh, well you can go hang out with them. I'll talk to you later.' And he like completely ended the conversation. Then, he wouldn't text me while I was there. So I text him and told him I was leaving and he told me not to but I dunno.. I would rather talk to him then just sit there with my two friends and their boyfriends. Things just don't always seem the same anymore and I'm worried. I love him more than anything... I really do. I guess I'm just worried and really hurt. I don't think he understands how hard it is for me to be here without him. Sorry for this dumb post of mine. I just needed to vent girls....

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Things are still very very new to him. He has so many emotions going on with him, that he is tranferring them on to you. Try your best not to take it personally. He will come around!!!

Thank you girls for all of your supoort! It means the world to me. I'm trying really hard to stay strong here but it's so hard for me to hear his voice like that. It's hard to discribe but it's just not the same as usual. I'm trying to fix things and he says that when I say I miss him it makes him think of home and makes him feel like s***. Does anyone understand why this is?

We all have/are going through feelings like this. His misses you just as badly as you miss him, and he just wwishes he was with you. Think about this, this is new for him as well. He is so use to being there for you physically that he dosn't know yet how to act. Like someone else said, be patient. when you feel the timimg is right, choose your words carefully and bring it up to him. He cares about you, so don't be afraid to let him know, but pick and choose your battles. remeber too, thees men are going through things that we will never understand, and they depend on us for support. He will come around, give him time :). Also , tell him that you know he really doesn't care for your friends, but that is all that you have. he wants you to be happy and I am sure of it! Keep your chin up!

I know what you mean. it seems some weeks he is a completely different person, but then he says one thing that reminds me how much i love him and why i love him. don't worry, he is probably just missing you as well and wishes he was there with you!!

Thanks girl. I'm trying. It just gets hard sometimes.

this post isnt dumb...i was going thru the same type of situation but it was right before brian left for basic....its hard. but all you can do is be patient and have a little faith