A Letter!

AHHHH yesterday i get to talk to him and today i finally get a letter from jeremy!
but yeah i was so excited i almost ripped it open hahahah
anyways, i can't wait to write to him and get more letters from him :]
it wasn't very long but oh well it was sweeeeeeet.
he's so cute and conceited hahaha here's something he said in the letter
"i look so much different like for real i look handsome and so put
together i keep lookin in the mirror with my uniform lol!!!"
that just made me smile :) i miss him so much and i wanna see him already!
this is only the 2nd week :( how many more weeks to go? :(

but yeahhh.. phonecall one day,
a letter the next,
no school for labor day,
could this week get any better??

hope everyone is doing well!!

missinghim2509 missinghim2509
2 Responses Sep 3, 2009

hmmm ill look at it as that way. thats good advice :D yay more letters! yeahhhh we army girlfriends. that's our SUPERPOWER! :D

I am so happy for you!!!!! Don't think of how many weeks to go. Think of how many more wonderful letters you will be recieving! Words are truthful, we army girlfriends ge the best of both worlds. Not only do we know what are men are like when we are around them, but we also get their thoughts throughletters/emails :)