I Think He Broke Up With Me!

So last time I talked to Trevor, we were fine. He had actually said how when he got back he would ask me to marry him.

BUT then last night I looked on his page on facebook and it now said he was single and had deleted all my messages I wrote him on his wall. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON! Like how is it that last week we were talking about the future and now I may or may not be his girlfriend?! I talked to his brother and his brother had seriously had no idea that we were so serious, that he was flying me out, and the dates he had said he would be in afghanistan. I tried calling and texting but no reply. 

I am so lost. I don't know what to do. I'm trying to be calm until I hear from him, but this is so hard. words of encouragment, ladies? 

WatchOverMySoldier WatchOverMySoldier
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5 Responses Oct 1, 2009

yeah girl just wait and see whats up.. My bf did the same thing to me and then he talked to me and told me he was going through a difficult time..So maybe he is going through some hard time just wait for him to talk to u..

I do agree talk to him! Because that's always best, but I know with my sweety he can't have a status on FB because of what his job title is! They do that so that it protects everyone.. so you might consider that. But make sure you talk to him! :o)

I agree with the both of them, try not to over react. Although I know it's hard not to. Just wait until you hear from him to see what's going on. Good luck girly! :)

I agree..wait until you hear from him...maybe someone hacked his account...you never know....

I am sooo sorry to hear this!!!!!!!!!!! That kind of behavior IS very strange. Try to take a deep breath, and wait to hear from him. If something fishy is up, I hope he can be a decent human being to let you know. Hang in there girly; I'm rooting for you!!