Rainy Day...

So this morning on my way to work, I see a soldier walking along the busy highway.  There is no sidewalk and it is raining hard.  Cars were passing him left and right.  Well...I stopped and yelled "Hey...you heading to Hunter?!?!?"  He smiled this huge smile and said "Yeah"  I'm like "Get in!"  His name is Ephraim and he's from NY.  He is stationed in my town and lives in the same apt complex as I do.  He doesn't have his license because he didn't need one in NY.  Well...we chatted all the way to the base (I work extremely close to where my bf was stationed).  He is in the process of a divorce and he just had ankle surgery.  All of his battle buddies are being deployed next week and he is staying here.  Anyway, so I thought that I could just drop him off at the gate...no...of course not...the guards wouldn't let me.  I had to get a pass (wow...this is starting to remind me of 6 months ago...I did this all the time).  So...I couldn't find my registration and by this time my scatterbrain had both the guard and Mr. Ephraim laughing.  I guess my idiocy causes random boughts of laughter.  =P  Anyway...so we start to drive inside and I drop Mr. Epraim off and there it was...my bf's barracks.  That was the last place I saw him before he left for Iraq.  That is the last place he kissed me.  The last time I saw his goofy smile.  I didn't cry.  He will be in my arms in 8 days!!  8 DAYYYYYSSSSS!!!  Anyway, I just wanted to share this silly story.  And just because a soldier is on US soil doesn't mean he doesn't need a helping hand every once in awhile.  Make it a great day ladies...I know that mine started out pretty AWESOME!!!

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While I think this story is awesome and agree it is true they need our help.. we all need to remember to be careful. When one of us sees a Military Uniform we all get those butterflies and get all happy cause it reminds us of our men, but please be careful. It is EXTREMELY easy to buy Military Uniforms and patches and boots, ect... off the internet or in thrift shops. I see Koreans here wearing our Military Uniforms! A lot of ppl know what there are a lot of us who have that "soft spot" for military and they will take advantage of this. Just like those scams in which a "soldier" gets ppl to give out their account information! Yes I LOVE that you helped this soldier in need, just please keep in mind- there are a lot of scam artists and dangerous ppl out there who will pretend to be anything just to get what they want...

Thanks y'all!!! I was having a crappy day yesterday (and the day before) and I figured there was no reason for two people to have a bad day...you know?!? Anyway, It is now 7 DAYS!!! =D

so many people dont ever want to lend a hand or stop to think of the dedication these wonderful soldiers have given to the country WE ALL LIVE IN!!!! i think its so wonderful what you did, you rock!!

girl you are the sweetest!!! i bet that made Ephraim's day!! :) can't wait for you to be in your man's arms!!!! :) :) you're sooooooo close!!! xoxo<br />

aw thats so cute! seriously it made my day. =)

cute story. <br />
<br />
i just hate the part where nobody stopped to help him.. <br />
isn't it a shame the way some people ignore everything around them?