Just The Simplest Things.

so george has been at AIT for almost 3 weeks now. and i think i've finally adjusted to his schedule, and gotten used to getting calls at 11:30 at night or 5:30 in the morning.. i don't mind though :) i love hearing from him. i wanted to write this story because it has occurred to me that the simplest little things lately, such as george calling or texting me, or hearing him say "i love you" on the phone has just made me so happy. i think through this whole military experience, i have grown stronger as a person emotionally, and i have matured even more so than before he left. just the little things in life now really please me, and i just never thought i would ever be someone like that. but it's really good. just hearing the "i love you" or seeing his name pop up on my cellphone as it rings just makes my days. i've learned to really appreciate every single moment. i have learned to stay as positive as a can, keep my head up when things go wrong, and i've become much more independent.

i'm sure most of you can appreciate these little things that drastically change your whole days.. but i just think that all of us girls can stay happier if we let the simple things like an "i love you" change our moods. feeling this way has made me feel so much better and positive about everything lately, and i've stopped hanging my head every day thinking about how much i miss him and blah blah. by thinking and looking forward to the next phone call, or the next conversation, it just makes everything so much brighter. :)

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1 Response Oct 17, 2009

Is it him or the money you love? Be honest with yourself: a steady paycheck, moving to another part of the US to get out of a bad situation in your hometown are romantic fantasies women have when they get involved with a man in uniform. Get real! Will you still feel the same way when your soldier comes back from war with physical and emotional trauma with which you will have for the rest of your natural lives? How will you feel when he comes back from home in a casket and you do not get any survivor benefits? How abou that? Get an education, get a job and get a life of your own! Do not live through someone else's dreams no matter how well the army sells its BS!