How To Make Him See It's Ok.....

I just met a soldier and we have soo much fun together, we enjoy all the same things and he's soo easy to be with... we hung out for a few days and he left for 2 weeks of training.. during that time,, my phone was never outta my sight, phone calls and txt messages made me the happiest girl ever... we shared conversations, thoughts and our fears...we got soo close.. he came home from training, we spent 1 night together and then told me we couldn't move on.... I am soo devestated... I sooo fell in luv w/him with all we shared and I know he feels the same!!!! how can I make him understand its ok to continue,, I will be here for him... he has 6 months before deployment and I don't wana miss out on that time... and want to support him while hes gone,,, I don't want him to go at it alone...I'm soo tore up... and he won't deny any feelings (just gives me the cold shoulder and ignores me)..... Any one have any suggestions..

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I have a man in the navy and it was that way at first just keep reassuring him your not going anywhere and if he is really in to you he will stick with it

dont take this the wrong way but..<br />
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sounds like a jerk. maybe he doesnt want have any attachments before or during deployment. some guys find it a hassle if he does feel that way about it he doesnt deserve you.<br />
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cheer up girl, there are better ones out there!