I've Been Officiall Dumped

I tried my hardest girls but for some reason Trevor pushed me away. One day he was no longer in a relationship with me on facebook, wouldn't answer my calls, messages, or texts. Then he had pictures of him kissing some girl on the cheek at the bar. Weeks went by and all i got was a text while I was sleeping saying "hey" but nothing more. the next was the worst when he posted on facebook stating he was in a relationship but didnt say with who. i asked him once more what was going on. His reply?

"Hey your in school go have fun i met someone else sry bye"

just like that. so im done. i deleted him and forgive me but i wont be logging on to this site any more. It's too painful. I was so sure we were to be engaged next month.... Best of luck to ya'll and I will be sure to keep you and your soldiers in my prayers. xxx

WatchOverMySoldier WatchOverMySoldier
18-21, F
3 Responses Nov 2, 2009

That is awful, im so sorry!!

Aw, that's awful. I'm so sorry :(

i am so sorry to hear that! I will keep you in my thoughts! I know you are strong, just remember that!