The Days Are Ticking Down

soo the days are counting down til Chase leaves for Afghanitan... and i feel like im like a ticking time bomb.. like the smallest things are going to make me cry. Like today i was sitting at the Student union just people watching ( best place to people what besides the airport haha i like to people watch) but anywho and i felt like i saw 10 guys in uniform today and it time it got worse and worse.. that i just was like forget it and left and went home and skipped my last class and slept for liek 4 hours. I keep running to my apartment hoping he sent me my sweatshirts haha. Hes sending me shirts and sweatshirts but they are going to take forever in a day to get her because hes all the way in germany and im ohio.

But on a up not he called on halloween. He actually callled twice and the one time i forget to bring my phone in th bathroom with me he calls and i missed it by 5 minutes i was really upset. so i got on facebook and he was on and asked if he called because an unknown number and he the only person that come up unknown if my phone doesnt pick up on the number. and hes like yeah i was like well call me back!! and he did hah we talked for an hour or so while i got ready to go out.

goodness i miss him sooooo much. i cant wait to talk to him again...until then i guess ill settle for a facebook chat here and there... hahah

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1 Response Nov 3, 2009

Awwww, that's good you got to talk to him, though :) Good luck on the upcoming deployment.