Marriage Stuff??

O KAY. so a little bit of a background for those who dont know me...


Pv. Flor is my soldier.. he is 19 and i am 18 we have been dating for four years and well we both know that we want to get married.. we want to live together and pretty much everyone thinks im crazy to want to marry him at the age of 18.  He is now in AIT but he went to boot camp on Aug. 4th  and left boot camp early to go to AIT in arizona.. it was messed up.. anyway.. before he left he proposed and i accepted but i wasnt sure i want to get married so soon.. i mean its a huge step and sorta shocking at first.. but now we plan on getting married because we want to live with eachother and we both want me to be getting certain benefits and if we get married we will get more money and over all it will be better for our future.. it will help us pay for college and other stuff.. well... we plan on getting married in the courthouse first and just saving up to have and actual wedding ceremony either this summer or next summer.. but i dont know ANYTHING about all of this.. can someone please help me out.. i mean i know about the marriage license stuff but i have no idea bout the courthouse side.. i mean what am i suppose to do. i honestly have no idea what to do.. haha.. can someone please help me out.  thanks..

i totally have  no idea what to do but im told thats normal so i hope someone can help me out haha.


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I am in the same boat. My boyfriend and I have been together since Nov 2010. We plan on getting married while he's on leave. He's in AIT right now and that's all we can think about is getting married. I'm 18 and he's 20. Everyone always tells me its ridiculous that we're getting married at a young age, but we just want to tie the knot. You're not alone! There's plenty of Army girlfriends/fiances that are getting married at 18 too! I am too trying to figure out this whole marriage thing alone, I have to plan it all because he is in AIT. I wish you two the best of luck. :)

Thanks guys i am gonna call the county clerk and ask them and stuff.. but now i know that im not the only 18 year old haha.. and my parents think im crazy.. im sick of people thinking i am crazy.. ugh.. i am so excited and i can not wait!!!!

In VA you can get your marriage license and get married in the same cost $80 ($30 for marriage license / $50 for civil marriage celebrant). Most place have a civil marriage celebrant to officiate the ceremony in the same place you get your marriage license. However every state is different...some states have a waiting period between getting you license and when you can actually get married. Call your local county clerk and they can answer those questions for you...

hey! i'm getting married in the courthouse too one my man comes back from AIT in december. I live in cali too so this is what I have found out so far, you go to the courthouse fill out the application for marriage which has to be turned in within 10 days. then you can make an appointment because some places only will marry you on certain days (plus you'll have a little extra time to prepare cuz you'll wanna look nice right ;]) in cali the marriage license costs $64 and the copy costs $13 which you'll need for your solider to take back so they can set it up for you to live with him and get benefits and stuff. hope i kinda helped! good luck and follow your heart!

hey girl. basically when your soldier has leave you can marry him =) you dont need any paper work from the army to get married. and for a court cali you can get your marrige license and get married in the same day. In cali its $120 for the whole deal. Sometimes you need to call ahead of time to make an apointment. Other than that its really simple you just walk in. wait for your name to be called. swear in. and gett married =) hope this helps. if you need anything message me =)

me and my boyfriend are considering the samething i am almost 19 and he is 18. i have talked to my family about it as well but they tell me its rediclous to get married at such a young age. they do not understand for us its almost like all or nothing to be with our men. the benifits with school and such dont suck either lol. i think its completely up to you i have decided that it is what i am goning to do no matter what my family has to say. you just do what feels right to you dont let anyone else push you in a direction that you are unsure of. i made about 10 pros and cons list before comming to my decision maybe that would help you i also spent lots of alone time thing about what I wanted not everyone else and what would make me happy and thats all that matters is making yourself happy and living with no regrets. good luck to you and your man i hope you make the right decision,im here if you need to talk email me any time.