Hey girls!! Lately I have noticed that we are all getting a little too comfortable with sharing information about our Soldiers on the internet.. We need to remember to be more careful. Enemies of our Country could use some of the information we post in trying to hurt our country... Some things we need to remember are

* Do not ever state both their first and last name or even birthdays

* Dont say dates/times of when their Unit will be shipping out and where they're shipping from

* Try not to pin point exactly where you Soldier is (ex: my soldier is in Ramadi, Iraq...)

* Dont ever put their addresses on the internet (or email addresses)

* If he gives you information on his Unit or a Mission or anything that could be used in hurting our soldiers, dont place it on the internet...

I know we're getting comfortable with eachother and feel it is safe to tell eachother details but we need to be a little carefuller- none of us can be 100% positive that who you are talking to is Military Fiance, Girlfriend or Wife! Keep sharing stories, but we need to use things like "my soldier" instead of their names, we need to be a little more vague on when our soldiers leave... we just need to be a little carefuller!!

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hey! thanks for the heads up. that's really good to know:)

Thank you this kind of explains OPSEC more to me :)

Yes thanks for posting this!! We have to protect our men!!

thans for posting this its so true, they have to worry enough. Its our job as military girlfriends to protect our men who are protecting us.

Yes you are so right..We need to keep our soldiers safe..The miltary stresses that the enemy can get info from the internet and off the phone so please keep some things private

very very true.... our men tell us these things b/c they love us. not to have it posted all over the place for just anyone to know!!!

Thank you. We play a part in protecting our country as well :)

This is so true! We need to keep a tight lip on any information we hand out over the net. Even if it on here and we think it is alright. Just always think before you send or post to you public pages!<br />
Our men and women depend on knowing we can keep stuff to our selves! Not only is it right it is regulation!<br />
<br />
Thanks for posting!

OPSEC!!!!! its our job not to say anything on here that can put our soldiers in any more danger than they are already in!! be careful ladies!!!

Thank you for posting that.. I am new to this army girlfiend stuff. but i have 2 brother n laws that are soldiers.so i now how fustrating this can be.

Thank you for this reminder....it is definately a harsh reality that we need to keep in mind. Our Soldier's safety and our own.

You mind want to re-post this again because some of the girls on here (and I'm sure it's just because they don't know) have been giving all types of specifics on here

EXACTLY. Glad someone pointed this out

Good point, gotta keep them as protected as we can, so they dont have to worry about their job and their other halves too. haha

Very well put. Better safe than what could be in this case; very, very sorry.

Most definitely... I think first names are ok, but it's like any other instance, not just national security. Placing last names, addresses, etc... that's how the creepers find US. And not only do they know where we are from that information, they know we're home alone! We worry about our guys when they're gone. Don't make them have to worry about us!

Thank you for posting this because it's very important for everyone on here to know .<br />
<br />
Here another article on OPSEC for everyone to read...<br />
<br />