Basic Training And Letters

My boyfriend left for basic a little over a week ago.  I'm trying to stay busy but it is really hard. I'm used to having him call me at night and text me during the day. We went from all that to nothing at all!! :( Some people have said that it takes 3-4 weeks before they can have any contact whatso ever! Is this true? I'm also afraid of him changing so much that when he comes back the new him won't like the old me....i need advice!!

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my boyfriend is at Ft Benning he actually started basic last friday. I heard from him twice during reception, but haven't heard anything since. I don't have a address yet. I miss him so much! I hate not having communication. When should I expect to get another letter and his address?

I have now gotten 4 letters and one call, but he hasn't gotten any of my letters.

I'm the exact same way! It sucks majorly and I can't wait to get my first letter from him! It feels like time is moving by agonisingly slow.

I just got my firsdt letter at week # 4!!! I was so exited , he only wrote 5 lines but it was more than enough for me,

I just got my first letter!!! :)

A lot of times it depends on where your boyfriend is doing basic at and what branch of the service he is in. I was not with my soldier through his basic but I have had other friends go through it and I did not receive any letters until the end of their second week there because they were not aloud to. But on the bright side, when he starts AIT you will be able to talk so much more. It is very comforting. And they are there missing you just as much as you miss them. At least you get the comfort of being around friends and family. Just remember, from the moment you became an army girlfriend you became army strong as well!

i started gettin letters about two weeks after his reception as well. that is wat seems to be the norm. but it all depends i kno some girls were sayin that the ft leonard wood guys were havin issues with mail. my soldier hasnt called in two weeks... during the first two weeks (this is his 5th week) he called every friday nite...but now that they are diggin deeper into training they have to earn the phone calls. I dont think they realize this is torturing not only the soldier but the gf's and family...but it is an important process to get them used to non contact for long periods of time. i usually get about two letters a week, and they are always wonderful. it is like opening a present. i went from living with my boyfriend for nearly 5 months bein with him constantly to him being gone, it is a rough transition...but just know that ur soldier is safe. he is workin his butt off... i have the same fears of him comin home and not bein so into me ne more... but honest that is a fear i read on this board all the time. i think it is a natural feeling... the absence seems so strange, and ur mind will play tricks on ya. i hope u hear from him soon...and stick in there... WE are all very important to our soldiers.... <br />
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my bf just graduated basic the end of sept. i really thought he might change too and sure he got a little more mature in some ways but he is still the same loud goofy loveable man i fell in love with and he still loves me. and he told me that he wouldnt have been able to get though basic without me and all my letters. i found out a few weeks after sending letters everyday that with every letter he had to do 25 push ups, but he still told me to write a letter everyday. but it made him stronger and helped him pass his ait and basic pt tests. just give your man all the support he needs and he will love you more and more each day dont worry about him changing i dont think we have to worry about that just yet. as for the routine its tough in the begining but just stay busy and time will fly by faster then you ever imagined! if you ever need to talk im here!

I got my first letter 5 days after my boyfriend left and finally got his address to send letters about 2 1/2 weeks after he left. I got one 20 second phone call in reception .. He graduates in 2 weeks and I have gotten 2 phone calls since but they were both last week so it took awhile. I've gotten a letter about every other day from him since the first week but I'm sure it varies how much time they have depending on where he's at. But trust me when I say it goes by super fast I'm only 2 weeks away from going to see my mans beret-donning ceremony on gets easier I went from living with my man to this but you'll get used to a new routine eventually!

I recieved letters from his time at reception, and the begining of week one of basic. I haven't received a letter in about two weeks, I'm figuring they aren't recieving letters at the moment, but it should be too long. I'm on week four of our basic, and i've only gotten four letters, and two very very very short phone calls.

i got a letter at the begining of the second week