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My boyfriend is in the army national guard.  Ya, he is a weekend warrior but he also served a year in Iraq.  That was the hardest part of our relationship.  But, I am proud of him.  He is part of the 28th Signal Battalion.  He is communications and he is really good at his job.  :)
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Yes mama, bein with a soldier, in anything they have to endure, is difficult. Glad yall made it through. ;0)

keep showing that pride & support!

mine is NJ Army National Guard and is in infantry and i believe he went overseas as well (i wasnt with him at the time) and i share the same feelings as you do!

im glad ur proud and staying strong for ur man! :)

my boyfriend is at basic training now. but he is also army national guard... but he is guaranteed to get deployed during his 6 years... he is going to ait school for communications as well. so what all does he have to do while he's in iraq being in communications? i really dont know anything about the military. all i know is it is really hard to handle him being gone...

Im in the same boat as you girl!! its doesnt matter what branch they are in they are fighting for our freedom!

My boyfriend is also in the army he is deployed right now, he is in Kuwait, he is with the 56th signal company , he is a satcom operator. I miss him so much but I get to see him in May and I can't wait!

My boyfriend is also in the army he is deployed right now, he is in Kuwait, he is with the 56th signal company , he is a satcom operator. I miss him so much but I get to see him in May and I can't wait!

My boyfriend is national guard and hes got orders for a yrs in afiganistan right now. i miss him dearly. him being gone is very hard.

My bf is in the army too, unfortunately it never gets easier, just know he misses you as much as you miss him and he is fighting for you and his country. Don't quit.....just know that every day is one day closer to seeing him again

Hi! My boyfriend is in the National Guard and he was just deployed at the end of March for Egypt. With everything going on over there, it makes me so worried that something is going to happen. He maybe a "weekend warrior" but he still puts his life on the line as an infantry man working to keep the American ideals alive. I am so proud of him and love him more than anything no matter how unbearable it is some days to have him away.

My boyfriend leaves for Iraq at the end of the month.. His third deployment.. My first.. Definitely dreading it.. But I couldn't be more proud of him! Hoping the year flys by... :-/

My husband is in the Idaho army national guard! The national guard is great, I think so anyways. He has been in Iraq for about a month but has been gone a total of 3 months of his 12 month deployment.

My boyfriend is deployed right now he is in Iraq and he also has a good job he is with Delta company 1/8 Infantry 3rd brigade 4th ID.He drive a Tank for the army he has been on 3 other deployments and yes i am so missing him cant wait to see him in March

My boyfriend is in the National Guard also and he is being deployed in January. I am so proud of my soldier and love him more than anything else in this world! I know the year apart will be tough and filled with worry and tears but I know it will be worth every single tear to see his face when he comes home. I would love some pointers on how to cope, i know im gonna need it.

my guy is also in the guard, he hasnt gone through a deployment yet and as of now he isnt deploying for awhile. I know we will have some time apart at the start of the next year, nothing to extreme.<br />
Welcome!!! Im Elise!!! Im imptiently waitng on him to propose.<br />
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I dont consider my guy a weekend warrior because he is just my soilder and he works hard at his job.

my soldier will be going to iraq this summer. I can sort of relate.. can anybody give me some tips and/or pointers? thanks :)

It may be a little while before he is able to call. I'm sorry I did not get your comment sooner. Please let me know how you are doing now. I am sure by now you have heard from him. I know this can be hard to understand, but sometimes it is actually a little easier for them over there than it is for us over here because they are busy working with their jobs/assignments and are focused on what they are doing. We are over here worried sick about them 24/7. We need to have faith that they will be okay. We need to be strong for them. I know it is really hard though but with time and with hopefully being able to stay in touch with him a little more, it will get better. Is he coming home for Christmas?

hi! my boyfriend just went to Iraq last week.. and i have been crying all day and night for a week now. cant eat. cant sleep.. now my knees are shaking, but i still dont wanna eat. i feel so guilty whenever im smilin or laughing, or eating alot when i know my boyfriend is not ok..<br />
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i dont know. i have no idea what he's doing right now.. no email or call yet... <br />
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please can someone help me.. tell me what's happening in iraq duirng deployment.. Please.... im dying.. i have noone to talk to... my friends already got tired listening to all my sadness and crying monets...

Ah so you know exactly what they go through! Well the deployment was very hard to go through with him. I am not going to lie and say it was easy because it was far from it. I was pretty depressed and spent my time sleeping outside of work or going to the bars with my sister because I was 21 at the time too. She was the only one I had to spend a lot of time with and I had to go out with her to do it. I got sick every time I saw the news when it was about Iraq. The media blows everything out of proportion so I tried to avoid the news and not watch it. Thank goodness he was able to talk to me on yahoo messenger and once in awhile call. It did help quite a bit. I took care of our finances and sent him care packages too. Overall, it was a good and bad experience. It made us closer. I hope you two never have to go through it though. The president will be taking the troops out of Iraq next year thank goodness. Hopefully that will be the end of this nightmare.

Ya that term is pretty unfair. He did work very hard, especially when he served in active duty.

The "weekend warrior" tag is a little unfair isn't it? It kinda takes away from the hard work they do.<br />
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Here in the UK even the SAS have a territorial unit (territorials are like National Guard) , called 23 SAS. They all work hard and go on ops just like full time personnel.

Hi!<br />
My boyfriend is in the army so I can definitely relate to you!<br />
Although he doesn't have a definite deployment yet, I'm interested as to how your experience was while your soldier was in Iraq!<br />
Shoot me an e-mail if you have a chance. Thank you! Take care!