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Catching Up!!!!

 So just a little recap. My honey is Dale. We met online last Halloween while he was in Iraq. We talked everyday and emailed all the time. He came home on Valentines day and we spent all of 8 hours together before he had to get back to debreifment. For the next several months he showed signs of PTSD and for the 8 months hes been undergoing treatment. They finally cleared him of all symptoms and let him come home to St.Louis for a week. I hadn't seen him since June 24th...Its been incredibly hard but I got through it....


During our visit I had to share him with family and other friends that he isn't ready to introduce me to them yet, so needless to say i was feeling very selfish....Out of his 7 days I got him Saturday morning, Sunday all day, Tuesday night and Wednesday from 3 till 10am this morning....It was wonderful to have him around...Sleeping in my bed....Hearing him in the shower...bringing me breakfast in bed even....


Last night at Target while Christmas shopping he told me that he was volunteering for another deployment...The first one wasn't to hard cause I had never met him but this time is different...I now know what I'm missing...which could be seen two different ways!!! After dinner and a movie and me being extremely pissed off cause he sprung that news on me...I told him it was time for a long conversation....He opened up about his PTSD to me and I opened up to him about my feeling and dropped the L bomb...I knew he woudln't recripocate but at least he didn't run screaming.....After talking till 2am and me having to get up at 7am to go to work.....he decided to set an alarm for 6am so he and I could enjoy our last morning in bed together for a long time even more....I spent the rest of the morning fighting back the tears with everyone I spoke to and really broke down when we called to meet me for coffee and one last hug and kiss goodbye....He's also called 5 times today and wants to try and get me down there for Christmas since he won't be leaving till Janurary....I pray that he can make that happen....I just wish he was here on the couch with me to warm up my toes!!! It's freaking cold here in St.Louis!!! Later girls....

emo5679 emo5679 31-35, F 1 Response Dec 10, 2009

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hang in there time will go fast and you will see him before he deploys hang tight