We Are Def. Sisters Here!!!

so ive been reading the new stories and omg it seems like we are all going through some really hard stuff right now!!! So i have to come to the conclusion that the holidays have really put stress on us and our SO and DH. So im sorry girls but at least were not alone and were doing it together. Keep ur heads up and ur hearts strong and pure. We will do this together and we will make it.

sgthellersgirl sgthellersgirl
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5 Responses Dec 30, 2009

wow you have it down to a science lol will said. its great to have all you gals who understand


Very true, as hard as it is, I wouldn't want to be anything other than my soldier's girl! =)

I agree a 100% our men have thier brotherhood and i am soo thankful for the sisterhood that we have as well. The army is very much a family in every sense. I am honored to be a part of it

Very well put!!!! That is so true we are never alone. The bond of being a soliders GF nothing better....