I Botched My First Early Morning Phone Call

Anthony called my early this morning around 6:45 and I wasn't quite awake. it was my area code but i didn't recognize the number and I thought it was my friend's brother being annoying. I wasn't very nice when I picked up, and it took me a minute to realize it was Anthony. I think I may have disappointed him... cause he said he had to go after 2 minutes and didn't say I love you... now I feel badly and I can't go back to sleep. I'm such a dolt. =(

seisei seisei
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3 Responses Jan 2, 2010

I know he knows I love him... I'm just pissed because I called him Chaz. I thought it was my friends kid brother being a ****... I'll feel better when he calls me again and I can apologize. The number he called from and this time it was a 912 number (my city's area code) I guess I just need to assume that any number that I don't have in my phone is him. =/

Dale likes to call lately when I'm out shopping with friends.....or when I'm walking into church on Christmas eve...It happens to us all and our boys realize that we have our stuff going on...they love just hearing our voices even if it is that sexy barely awake voice!!!

hey hunny its okay im sure he knows you were half asleep, he i was drunk when i i got my first phone call, they know the time difference and im sure he loves you, you will soon recognze the numbers and know it him, my man calls from the same number everytime so i just saved it in my phone and gave hima different ringtone. Keep you shin up hun i promise it will be okay. and as for talking for 2 mins that sometiems all they have is 2 mins, but for those 2 mins he want to hear you voice so that has to mena he love you :-)