Driving Me Crazy.

Daniel has this ex-girlfriend who is not well liked amongst his entire family. Well she's been coming up a lot lately. Daniel and I got into a fight when he drunk called her and told her things he shouldn't have. I was upset about that, but I got over it. Now she goes and wines to him that she got pregnant by some random dude and is going to kill herself. From what I'm told by his family is that she's attention grabbing. She craves it. When he called and told me all this, his tone and mood was very down and I worry when things are like that. He has a bad temper that get's him in trouble too. I hold back from telling him things because of the situatuons his ex's put him in. I wish sometimes Daniel wasn't as caring as he is towards his ex's since they're still friends and I don't like them being the main focus when we're together. The whole time he was home they were texting him nonstop! He hates my ex's and is upset whenever I talk to them, yet when I get mad about his, I'm the one being blamed! Am I overreacting to the situation? I'm over ex's completely. Why can't they just MOVE ON?!

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i would be really upset if i were in your position. i kinda get the same attitude when my ex's are brought up. i always wonder why its okay for him to talk about his ex gf sometimes, but when mine are brought up, he gets in this passive agressive attitude and its annoying. he quickly gets over it but still, its not right. you are not in the wrong for getting upset about it. maybe you can try and talk about how it makes you feel. i know you say he gets upset but maybe if you just ask him to listen and really talk to him about it, he can see that its also effecting you and if he cares, he'll do something to fix it. good luck girl, i hope you get it worked out.

i would be super pissed to and so would my friend alison! i totally text my ex's if he thinks he can text his! and then when he realizes how much he hates it maybe he will stop.. man i would be so pissed.. i hope it works our!! talk to him.. it will help<br />
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no i dont think you are... i would get mad too...<br />
if he doesnt like you talking to your ex <br />
then he should know how you feel about him talking to his ...<br />
i hope everything works out <br />
<br />

they are dumb in simple words lol. in the begining before my bf got into the army his ex would text him and call him and they broke up not too long before we got together and when we were hooking up he was hooking up with her too so i got upset really upset when she would do this. we fought about it and my ex would text me too sometimes but we would have a 5 second convo and be done with it for another few weeks but his kept on it. well we got into many fights about these dumb ex's but now he realized how much i dont like him talking to her and he stopped so maybe you just have to lay it out for him. i hope he realizes how much it upsets you soon! good luck!