I Have A Question...

what are the benefits of being married in the army?

i read alot of these stories and ive noticed a common theme in them,

there are alot of you that are very young and married to your army soldier.

i have been thinking about it constantly and love my soldier and like the idea of marriage but im young so i was just wondering what are the benefits if there are any?

please respond.


can someone tell me whats gonna happen after he gets out of OSUT and how often i will be able to see him?

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That is a smart idea. Some people get caught up and rush into the decision, sometimes get married for what seems like the right reason but regret it down the road. You'll know when your ready...if you ever need to talk...like I said...I am here.

thanks<br />
i just thought i needed to know.<br />
i've decided to wait though because i just don't think im ready for something that big in our relationship.

Yes, you would get him life insurance money and death benefits. (I don't even wanna think about that but every military couple must...)

I was wondering this too actually. Me and my bf talk about it sometimes but I never want to ask him about the benifits cause I don't want him to think that's all I am in this for cause it's not at all. We talk about getting married before he deploys just in case something happens to him which I pray it doesn't. All that he has told me about the benifits is I get money if something happens to I'm but of course I don't want that money and a flag I want him.

Like previously said....When a couple gets married the soldier will enroll them in DEERS. This will begin their benefits. (Health care, BAH, etc) and enable wifey (accompanied by soldier husband) to get their military ID (GOLDEN KEY to Army lifel) Basically the Army will FINALLY recognize the relationship and you will be able to live on / off base with hubby. There are benefits to being married but that is not a reason to get married. The extra benefits had no effect on my decision to marry my husband. Marriage is work especially when you are separated ALOT. I have been married 69 days and my husband left the day after we got married. He came home for Christmas but I have seen him a total of 18 days (counting half and quarter days). Might be May before I do again...And that is good...I have heard much worse. I am blessed. I am not trying to defer you from marrying. I am simply reminding people there is more to the decision than they think. I am gonna admit I love being married but it is hard work being freshly married and alone to deal with all the home stuff. I have to make important decision sometimes without even being able to speak to my hubby and he isn't even deployed yet.Not all is bad...you definitely learn to appreciate EVERYTHING. I look down at my hand and see my ring and remember that NO MATTER WHAT I have a man who loves me and whom I adore more than anything. I am sorry I am rambling but I wish someone had told me some of these things before I got married. It wouldn't have changed my mind but it might have prepared me a little better and made sure I had my hubby's answers to important questions BEFORE he went back to Ft. Benning.

i was gonna message you but its blocking me so here goes lol<br />
the bennifits are, health care, theyll help pay for college [i think im about 90% sure] and almost everything he gets, and he'll get paid more, and if hes active then he'll be able to live eather off post or on post in a house and you can live with him<br />
<br />
and when hes done with osut he'll get stationed somewhere [again if hes active] and if he lives on post in the the barraks [sp?] youll be able to see him whenever he gets enough leave time saved up n they approve it or if he gets to live off post [not alot do] and he gets an apt. you can go visit him whenever you can and he doesnt have to do training<br />
<br />
hope that helped some