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Hey everyone! my name is meagan. i recently started dating a soldier. it's a crazy situation. We started talking in October but due to certain circumstances we could not hang out. He shipped off to basic training while we were talking. We wrote letters and he called me every Sunday while he was at basic. He got a two week leave and came home for Christmas and we hung out every single day for two and a half weeks. During these two weeks we fell completely in love with each other. He had to ship back off to basic and will graduate in a month and I'll see him for three days and then he will ship off to AIT. I have always heard that being a military girlfriend or wife is hard but I never realized how hard. Since he has been back at basic and we have gotten so close I have written him every single day. When i get his letters I sit in the car and just cry and cry because i miss him so much. I look forward to Sundays so much because I know he will call me and i will get to hear his voice and hear an I love you. Even if it is only a 30 second call it makes my entire day. There hasn't been one day since he left that I haven't thought about him constantly. I miss everything about him and cannot wait for him to be home even though we are just starting our military lives. i know things will only get  harder because I know we will go through a deployment and more than likely more than one. I love him dearly and am patiently waiting on the day when we can just be together. I have a few friends from home who are dealing with the same thing and i have realized it is so much easier to talk to someone about this who has been through it and who understands. I hope to make some friends through this and help out anybody in anyway that I can!  Looking forward to getting to know people... *Missing my soldier!*

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thanks every one for the support. It's really hard. He's at basic at Ft. Jackson. B Co 2nd PLT... he's almost done now and I'll see him for two days then he ships to AIT. It's crazy we just started talking to each other when he went to basic and here we are about 12 weeks later and I can't see my life without him. I read a quote that makes so much sense. Absense diminishes small loves and increases great ones. I think this is so true because a 30 second phone call from him makes my entire week. when i get a letter from him i'll read it 10 times and cry every single time Lol. I can already tell this is going to be hard but I know it's so worth it when we can be together every day

hey this website is awesome for support :) me and quite a few of the girls talk almost everyday now lol. sometimes more then my friends here at home. being away does make you learn to appreciate the little things like a phone call or a hug and kiss. Be strong :) i started this journey with a boyfriend and within a few weeks of him being in basic we both realized so much that now im an army fiance. the saying is true about being army strong...because your love becomes army strong! xo

Your bf is at Jackson right?<br />
what company and platoon?

hey sweetheart, this is a great place to fin support. the girls here are amazing. You it does def make you cherish little thing. You will realize more and more stuff everyday.

That is so true. Deing away does make you cherish the little things. Good luck to you and your man. Angie

Being away from each other definitely makes you cherish the little things! =)