Valentines Day

putting together a valentines day box for danny and i feel like i dont have enough or theres something missing from it and i cant come up with anymore ideas ...

so far i have: scrapbook

binder with conversations before he left

half a mizpah coin im wearing the other half

and cookies with chocolate hearts in the middle


if anyone can come up with ideas that would be great just looking for some direction

armympgirlfriend armympgirlfriend
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2010

mine is too-- pictures of you or you and him together are great- i'm sure the scrapbook is filled but that's not something he can carry around. consider i keychain(my boyfriend puts his on his dogtags and has it with him all the time) or even just a small locket or picture that is portable. another idea is writing a love note-old school, from the heart love note that he can keep with him and read whenever he needs to. movies, books, video games-anything to keep him occupied and pass the time. hope this helps!!

hes deployed ... afghanistan

Where is he? Basic, AIT, or deployed... i have a few ideas but it depends on where he is..