I Need To Vent Or Im Going To Explode!

okay i know in all actuallity i shouldnt be upset or even let any of this bother me at all but it does.. so anyway its been about 2 months since my man has been deployed and at first i got emails almost everyother day or 3 times a week, and now im lucky to get one  once a week with a quick hey baby girl i love you so much.. dont get me wrong i love those .. i woldnt trade them for the world it just fustrating when i send him a message on facebook actually one about everyother day and he gets on and chages his status but doesnt reply to me. i know im over reacting which is why i would never bring it up to him.. i know he busy and i know things are getting rough over there.. its just hard to keep my composure when i have everyone in my ear "oooh so did he message you, i saw he was on facebook. " and then when i say no they make a face and say ooh.. kinda like trying point out that its a bad thing and i should let it bother me.. i dont know its fustrating cause they dont understand and i cant make them understand, i myself hardly understand it ....i dont know what im getting at really, not even sure that made any sense.  im just soo fustrated i worry constintly and i dont know i cant even decribe my feeling right now... thank god school started i have something to occupy my mind....


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Hey can I ask you some questions about being a girlfriend of someone in the military

Sam <br />
Hun I know what you mean. And you make sense. Just try not to over think it. Ok!!!! You know I am here if you need me....

you make sense girl! don't worry i understand!