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I'm going to start off with saying that I am SUPER happy that I found this sit. FINALLY, I can talk to someone that understands. : ]

my story;

I reconnected with my love about 3 months ago when he was home on leave, and ever since the day we started talking again I knew we had a great bond. When we started talking we wanted nothing but friendship, both of us had just gotten out of long term relationships and neither of us were really "ready" for a new one (or at least we thought we werent). We both just needed someone to talk to and  ended up getting extremly close in such a short time.. Secretly I found myself falling for him. The feelings I had/have were just incredibly strong I couldnt believe it.(and to be honest it scared me beyond words)

Let me tell you, I am not a shy person, AT ALL, I will be the first person to speak my mind in almost any situation. But he just made me soo nervous, I couldnt find the words to explain my feelings. He literally made me speechless when we would try to talk about "us"  I didnt end up telling him exactly how I felt until he got to Korea. Which is a complete bumme (but we are "together" now, and thats all that really matters!)

Even with him being so far away I feel as close to him as I ever did when I hear his voice on the phone or when I get to see him on skype. I live for the 2 minute phone calls, and the 15 min skype conversations that I get to have with my honey. The time difference drives crazy but I find myself staying up as late as I possibly can so I can answer the phone call that I MIGHT get while he is on lunch, or I catch my self setting my alarm for 4 in the morning so I can see him before I have to leave for work. Sometimes I wish he didnt have to be so far away, and I didnt have to resort to talking on video chat. But then I remember that someone has to do it and I am super proud of my man.

Currently, myloves work schedule is super crazy and his laptop crashed so I havent be abe to talk to him in the past couple days!  24 hrs on 24 hrs off for 2 weeks is a bit overboard, but its the army and I wouldnt expect anything less! Just tryin to keep myself busy at work and at the gym. The more down time I have in a day the slower the day goes by and the harder it seems! Any ideas on how to stay busy, keep my mind from running circles around itself!?

I'm always open to chat, but I am super new and I have no clue where anything is on this site!

Best wishes to all!


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Hey girl! I'm new here too!! I would recommend:<br />
<br />
-Do somethings for yourself; mani or pedi; massage or something!<br />
-Hang out with your girlfriends<br />
-Try something you never have before<br />
-Get some more hobbies!!<br />
<br />
If you ever want to talk; just send me a message!

hey girl! I'm a newbie too and still figuring out how to use the site. But all the ladies are sooo great and supportive. It's really great hearing other people's stories and how they are coping. You're not alone! I'm here if you need me!

hey girly welcome to the site it really does help i dont know what i would do with out it haha <br />
its a good feeling know that your not alone if you ever want to talk im here for you!!!

and thats exactly what we all need! This site is absoultly AMAZING!

welcome Im elise a soon-to-be army ntl grd g/f.<br />
<br />
theres a ton of ways to keep busy while he is gone<br />
<br />
go get your nails done<br />
shooping<br />
hang with friends<br />
talk to us!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
read a book<br />
write in a journal<br />
<br />
make a scrapbook.<br />
<br />
Im glad you joined us here...