A V-day Card? That's It?

so... i've been working on my soldier's v-day gifts and i asked him in a letter [he's in basic training so our only communication right now is through letters] what he could receive over there earlier last week because i didn't want to send him a box of stuff and then it turns out he can't get any of it... and i just got a letter today and he said he's only allowed to receive a v-day card. are you kidding me? [-especially after all the work i've put into it.]  awh... i'm kinda bummed about it. i mean... i'll be able to give it to him the week after v-day because i'll be flying out to GA to see him but it's kinda not the same. -i just wanted him to feel special on v-day :(


babytigerg85 babytigerg85
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2010

you cant send anything thats not a letter he will get into soo much troble if you did send it!! just give it to him whens hes done wth basic. i know it totally sucks

girl i know that sucks..you had all this wonderful ideas and the Army just shot down your hopes but maybe you and him can do the whole vday thing when you going down there the following week...it sucks he can only recieve a card..but i would go and find the most wonderful card explaining my feelings and send it...and the week you go down there...do something special. i know it may not seem like much but i hope it helps.