3 Weeks, Going On 4, Yet The Nights Don't Get Any Easier...

My name is Heather, and my fiance is at Ft. Jackson, SC. He left on Jan 11, and reached base on the 16th. He's been there for 3 1/2 weeks, and I'm trying to find anyone who might have a loved one in the same group as him. He is in Foxtrot (F) Company, 1-13th INF REGT, 2nd Platoon. I'd just like to be able to meet other people who are having to deal with the same senarios as me. If they are in this group or in 1-13 INF REGT, then your loved one is graduating on March 26th and we'll be going to the same place. 

We've been dating for over two years and he proposed the night before he left for base. I know it wasnt traditional, but I was waiting to be called his fiance since I first met him. He was pretty much my high school sweetheart, and I'm so proud of him for going into the military. He's my pride and joy, and I never want another man like my Soldier.

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awww i know what you mean i couldnt wait to be called his fianceeeeeee!!

Welcome...i know its hard but you can get through this.

Welcome...i know its hard but you can get through this.