R&r Came & Went...

so my hunny got home on the 12th of january and the 2 weeks i had with him were just amazing!  His first day back we actually did alot of talking about children... we did alot of  talking about marriage also.  So it really gives me alot to look forward to when he comes back from this deployment.  I keep dreaming about wedding dresses and such lol so im kinda getting excited about what will happened when he comes home again.  Its about another 8 months till he will come home.  But yea... it was really hard letting him go again on the 28th, especially coming home alone and having to sort thru all of his clothes.. i just sat and cried for hours.  But after a few days i was okay again...  anyway i just wanted to give a short & sweet update!  Hope everyone is doing great!!

nat21armygf nat21armygf
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3 Responses Feb 2, 2010

awww hun i hope for the best for you guys!!!! keep strong!!

hey im glad you got to see you guy and had a wonderful time with him...I know its hard having him here then watching him leave again...but it will be over soon...

i hate saying goodybe. i'm doing it this weekend. But i'm soooo happy you had some wonderful time with your man ( and there will be so many more to come!). I hope your 8 months goes by like a flash!!!