Chutes And Ladders

I feel like my heart is playing a game of chutes and ladders. Thats what I like to call it anyways. Yesterday I experienced the hardest day I have had so far since my boyfriend left. I cried so much and even doubted myself as to whether or not I could even live the army life for the next fifteen to twenty years. I even had talked to my boyfriend about it to let him know how scared I was, and he helped talk me through it which helped a lot.  And then today was a complete 180 from yesterday. I was all smiles and felt so much love from my soldier and was in such a good mood today. It doesn't usually happen that I will change moods from one moment to the next throughout the day, for me its more that each day can be completely different from the day before. Like yesterday and today for example. I am just wondering is it "normal" to experience such drastic mood changes from one day to the next?

hisbabygirl25 hisbabygirl25
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3 Responses Feb 6, 2010

yea its normal to have up days and doen days bad weeks and good weeks..just hang in there..just as you have it..your guy has the same emotions as well.

Not acting compulsively on feelings is going to be key here I believe. But all in all I feel like it's doable. Seeing his smile ... totally worth it.

totally normal its part of the title love it lol i k have been this way for 2yrs now