It All Works Out In The End

he purposed it was so cute he took me to the movies we saw dear john  (you might like it  i did not like the ending )  then after the movie there is this amazing place just down the road a moon lit walk   so we went on this walk when we got to the end he bent down to tie his shoe reached in his jacket and pulled  out  a little black velvet back he opens it  and says Caitlin people have called you Mrs. hannon for  a year now lets make it official and of course i said yes  as if tonight was not perfect already he pulls out papers from his pocket we are buying a house   can not believe it... the ring it oh my god divine but its not what matters  i love my baby ...(thanks for listing ) 

TigersPumpkin TigersPumpkin
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Congrats!! Best wishes for both of you :)

omg im so happy for you!!!!!! I want to see pics of the ring girly. Yea I didnt too much like the ending to Dear John either....