About Taking Your Soldier To See The Dear John Movie...

 ladies, I read the book, so I know how it ends. ***I won't give away the ending, but Don't read any more of this message if you don't know how it ends**




Anyway, my bf's roommate went to go see Dear John with his girlfriend this weekend. Apparently his buddy got pretty upset about how it ended. I understand where he's coming from, he's just about to deploy and then he sees this movie about a soldier who leaves his gf behind during deployment, and then THAT ending happens. idk, my guy and I decided that we would go see the movie Valentine's Day instead. My guy was upset just hearing about how it ended. He got all worried and was saying stuff like "i'm so glad to have you in my life, i love you, i don't know what i'd do without u, etc."  I just don't want to worry him anymore than he already is about deployment. 


Anyway girls, just wanted to let you know. His buddy's gf told me to go see it with a girlfriend instead. I didn't think the guys would react so strongly, but they def did.

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I just saw the movie..it wasn't bad, but in comparison to the book, it wasn't the greatest. They switched things around and rushed through it. oh well. i saw "The Lucky One" a year ago and I was going to buy it, but i didn't have enough money on me. Let me know how it is!

I just finished the book today! So sad, I cried thru the whole thing pretty much. Haha. I just went out and bought another Nicholas Sparks book called "The Lucky One." It is about a marine who finds a picture of a lady while he is doing a tour in Iraq and has great luck afterwards. Hopefully it is as good as the other. I can't wait to see "Dear John," even if it is supposed to be bad. Atleast I will be with my guy! 3 days!!!

Yes it was really hard reading that ending when it's practically the same relationship you have with your guy. I'm going to see the movie tonight. I've heard from many girls that it wasn't as good as the book, movies usually aren't as good as the books anyway. <br />
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silverstar101- i'd say go see it with him. he's already home and you didn't go anywhere :-)

Ugh I read the book and bawled my eyes out all through it and refused to read the last three chapters for a week while i cried to my boyfriend overseas, although he couldnt understand why i was crying over a book. then i went and saw the movie but i was more emotional during the book, i did tear up. I didnt feel it was as good, seeing as i have a man overseas and this type of things do happen I just hated to see that type of ending and see how difficult it could be for the guys

I thought the ending was crazy in the movie .. So different than the book! Everything was! I was kinda dissapointed with it. My boyfriend also already heard bad stuff about it but I can never convince him to see these types of movies anyway lol

I can understand why guys react so strongly to the ending. I mean They are already so scared to loose us when they are overseas that this porlly doesnt make it any easier. I mean I'm going to see it with my finace but its going to be after hes back from Deployment so maybe it will be different then?