A Unexpected Beginnig

my names connie and i am 20 years old i have been hurt countless times by men, i had given up and devoted myself to my career then  a fellow soldier from my reserve unit added me on facebook and her brother messsage me , admiring my tattoos and we struck a conversation he asked me out on a date, long story short he is now mine and i am completely head over heels in love but he is stationed in sweinfurt , germany.so now its hard enough being in the beginning stages of a relationship left alone being seperated by thousands of miles for the first year of our realtionship, but i know we can make it work. he has everything i always told myself that my perfect man would have everything i wanted in my man, even though i didnt really think anything would become of the date

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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

i think you can do it! he sounds like an amazing guy and you sound very much happy and loved by him. i think this will only make this relationship stronger if you to truly want it to work it will. just keep connection when possible.<br />
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best wishes!