How I Became An Army Girlfriend.

It was about the second to last week in December of 2009 and I was surfing off of one of the Website i go on most of the time. I was looking at my yearbook and i had been secretly admired by someone so i went on and clicked on my boyfriend, amazingly i clicked the right person. so we started talking and i find out that hes stationed in Iraq. well he asks me out that night and i accept. Ever since then we have been staying contact and write each other.

He comes home at the end of may and I'm excited, i never knew how hard it would be to have a boyfriend over seas. its really killing me but i am waiting. I'm really excited. I just need some encouragement on this and support cuz i cry every night cuz i get a feeling hes not going to come home. then next year there i a huge chance of him going to Afghanistan and I don't want him to go, but orders are order. :(

Lots of support would be great thanks cuz i really love him with all my heart and don't want to loose him.

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hey girl your story is too cute i have been an army girlfriend for 2 years now ... i completely understand if you wanna talk or anything at all message me

Hey girl! This story is too cute! Yes dating long distance is always hard, but it makes your relationship so much stronger! As an army girlfriend it is always in the back of our heads that he may not come home, but you really jiust have to push those thoughts away! Your man is only as strong as you are! :) Hang in there girl and message me if you need anything!<br />