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So I randomly found this website about a week ago, and it took me until today to work up the courage to write my story.  I have known my boyfriend for quite awhile actually since he goes to my church.  It wasn't until this summer that we even started hanging out full time.  This summer we went on a mission trip for college age youth.  Needless to say, we flirted the entire trip.  Pretty much everybody could see we liked each other.  The only thing was, we both knew he was getting deployed sometime in January-more like february after pre mob training-(it was almost August)  so we decided to just have a summer fling.  We ended up hanging out pretty much every day together up til I left for college.  Everyone asked us if we were dating, which we of course said no.  I figured it would end when I was back at college, but we continued texting each other, and calling each other almost every single night.  He even visited me about a week after I came back, and yet we were still just friends. It wasnt until about a month after I was back at college that we had a talk about dating, and of course we decided it would be better to try it, then to not try it and end up wondering what would be.  Needless to say, five months later we are not only dating, but in love.  I know this sounds corny, but before him I thought I had loved, it was not until I met him that I realized how superficial it had been.  He will be deploying at the end of this month for about a year and I am slowly but surely freaking a little bit more.  Luckily, he has a four day pass right before, so I get to see him soon. Unfortunately, I have NO idea what to expect.  If anyone has any insider knowledge, that would be aweosme, even if it is scary.  I know I won't know what its like til it comes, but at least I can have some sort of idea.

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Thanks for your comments and support! I definitely think the hardest part of this whole thing is that I don't really know anyone else going through it. Anyways, thanks for the ideas, and thanks for being there for me. I think the coolest part of this website is that we all can support eachother throughout the different stages of this wonderful thing called being an army girlfriend

That is a very cute story and I am glad yall tried dating instead of just pushing it aside. Let him know you will be here when he gets back. Alot of girls aren't so dont be surprised if he tries to push you away before he leaves. Keeping yourself busy is hard to do when all you want to do is sit by the phone or computer waiting for him but find things to do that keep your mind busy... Write him letters, send him packages, send him pictures... Cry. Its ok to cry and make sure you let it out. I found it easier to deal with him being gone when I wrote it down. Get like a journal and write how you feel. My ex always says "baby I promise I'll be ok. I'm good at what I do." It always made me smile because it is true. They are good at what they do. I am here if you need anything at all. :) It will all be ok.

oh girl you will freak out totally before he lives and most likely you will cry and feel lost but have a girl to call who know what your going though or been the already that what we r here for when my boyfriend of a year left i was so upset it was unreal so ... prepare and be as supportive to him as possible message me if need to talk ... it will be okay