Finally Realizes

Well my guy and I had it out the past few nights.  Last night though after my week of hardly talking or texting at all he finally realized how he had been toward me.  However his response to me was that he doesnt think he can be with me anymore.  He treated me so bad and said hte worst things to me and now he says that I deserve way better then him and I deserve somebody to be there for me.  I am so happy he finally realized how bad he treats me and everything. After a long talk and another one tonight we have decided as of now to stay together.  We both have things we need to work on and we know we can get through it.  I am glad i took the week of a break from him so he can see how much and what i really do for him and how he treats me.  Instead of me being in charge of all his stuff he is starting to take more responsibility which is great and takes stress away from me.  Thank you ladies for the help and support through everything.  Now that he finally realizes I just hope things change and get better.

armygf11 armygf11
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

well i'm glad you guys got to work some things out. I'm glad he's beginning to realize that he doesn't always treat you the right way which is a big step in the right direction. It seems like you've had a lot of patience with him and maybe now it's starting to pay off. I hope you guys keep moving forward!! Best of luck and take care.