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So my sweetie is coming in at the end of the week. His last four days with me before deployment. I'm freaking out. As deployment day gets closer things are becoming more real and it's so scary. Does anyone know what to expect? Is there anything I can do to prepare myself more or things I can do while he's away? The scariest part of this all is the unknown. So if any of you ladies can help I would be so grateful.


God Bless all of you and you soldiers!

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I'm in the same boat as you, my husband deploys next tuesday and we're gonna spend this weekend together and then have to say goodbye. I have no idea what I'm going to do or how i'm going to handle this. I obviously have no advice to give you on what to expect haha, but I think knowing that someone else is in your same sitution might help us both. I am not looking forward to this, but just really trying to enjoy every last moment we have together. I hope your last few days together go well and the goodbye doesn't hurt too much. You can message me anytime as we will be going through the same thing, and hopefully they will be home before we know it! take care!

Thank you so much. This is amazing advice. He's getting deployed to Afghanistan, so of course I'm freaking out. But I will definitely try to stay busy and positive. It's so nice to know that people are going through the same thing and know how i feel. Thanks again!

Hey! Where is he deploying to? <br />
As for preparing yourself.. there is honestly nothing that can prepare you for this. My solider has been deployed since July and its hard. I mean I tried to prepare myself for it but it didnt work out. Eventually it gets easier.. but then they come on R&R and it get hard all over again. things you can do though while hes gone are like make sure you still go hang out with your friends and kepp up woth your school work ( if your in school. lol. I should really listen to my own advice i've decided). I also started doing volunteer work at the Humane society which keeps me busy.BUt really staying busy is the main thing that you can do. <br />
The unknown sucks. I won't lie about that. Depending on where he is going though it may be better then you think. When my fiance first deployed they had basically nothing. and there were tons of blackouts. Now they have Skype and phones and maybe getting wireless. Not to mention letters. Basically stay positive. Thats the best thing you can do.<br />
feel free to message me if you ever wanna talk!<br />