While He Is Becoming Army Strong I Am Dislpaying My Amy Loyalty

So it has taken me a while to finally write my story but here it is.... My soldier left for BCT at Fort Knox last month and its been an emotional roller coaster. I've known my sweetheart for 6 years but we've been together for 3 months now. I know that our relationship will withstand this. I knew that he was leaving from day one so I knew what i was getting myself into nonetheless I did try to put a limit on my feelings for him. But as much as I tried I fell in love for that guy and i fell hard and strong. The day he left was terrible, his recruiter literally had to pull him to the terminal. it tore me apart to see him cry. i just wished there was something i could have done to help him through this journey. But he reassured me that all i have to do is remember him. the last thing I t old him was that I was proud of him withh tearful eyes and he turned around and told me that he was even more proud of me for letting him to this. He said that i was rock and that he will love me forever i wanted to say that i loved him to but i was too busy crying. I hated watching his back....to be continued (girls it too hard to finish this)

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Well I have received three letters thus far and I've sent 19 as of the present moment. However my letter today was not one I was looking forward to. Seems like sending the letters are only half the struggle because out of those 19 letters he got none :( and he asked me in his last letter if I was giving up on him and that he still loved me either way...what a bummer

yes it is, thank you

hang in there its hard seeing them leave ever but he will be back..you just got to keep busy.