Im Kinda New To This.

my name is Leslie and im an army girlfriend,my boyfriends name is Jeremy we have been dating for about 2years. Jeremy he very happy when he finally got to go to the army i was not so happy,i love jeremy and want him to be happy but i am just so scared hes gonna get hurt out there.Jeremy left on December 29 2009, i cried for day after he left.

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if he let the 29th he should be done with in 4/5 weeks with BCT

my boyfriend left the 29th as well i was a complete wreck..Do you get letters?Calls? what fort did he go to?

I'm new to this to and my boyfriend doesn't leave til June but from what I hear trust is key and you have to have faith that he will be ok because if you don't have faith he sure the hell won't. Your Going to worry about him no matter what he tells you but don't let him know that. I just wrote a letter to my man telling him how much I love him and what not butt that was just because I heard from a friend it makes them feel more important and better about themselves but all I can really say is trust sweetie that's all you can do. And have faith in him!