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ok so my boyfriend been at Fort Jackson for BTC for a week now, and this really tough i miss him like crazy. so i was wondering what are some things i can do to keep me busy while he is gone. and also like what days did you usually hear from your soldier (as in him calling)? and what time did he usually call? 

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Well I went to basic at relaxn Jackson and most of the time we called on sunday afternoon...I would suggest u send as many letters and cards as possible...its uplifting....As for yourself...find a hobby and if u have close female friends try to do things with them....u will get through it..trust me!!! My fiance has been to BCT, AIT, Hawaii and currently deployed....but only has abt 60 days left yaaayyyy....and Im still standing chica....u can do it!!!!!!

Thanks and i have been writing letters everyday since he left

i agree with evansgirl21, it definitely depends how strict they are there. My fiance was at Ft. Benning a year ago for his BCT. He usually called on Sunday evenings. But letters are KEY! I wrote him sooo many! And I got one from him almost every single day. I was really lucky because some people don't get much. School and work will totally keep you busy. When my guy left I only had a little more than a month left in school, so after school let out I just worked, hung out with friends. Stuff like that. Trust me, while you are going through it and counting down the days you will think that it's going by so slow! But when you are at his graduation and looking back on the time he was training, it will seem like it flew by! Stay strong and hang in there girl! It's totally worth it! You can always message me if you need to talk about things! =)

it all depends on his fort really wheather there strick or not.. your going to get letters more than anything.. what can you so to keep busy is go to work or to school make a life.. hang out with friends etc theres no special way.. write tho everydayy.