Everythings Sooo Hard

God this stuff is hard. I wrote him a letter even though he isn't gone yet he liked it alot. My birthday was this past Saturday I'm 16 now and I went to see that movie dear John with Michael and he thought it was really good and it was but it was also really sad at some parts. Michael and I are spending so much time together it's crazy. If I go a day without seeing him I feel like it's been forever. I know it's been a while since I've been on but I'm lost and I don't know where to go. By that I mean that I'm getting scared for him to leave. I don't even know why I just am but I'm not stopping him from leaving he is excited to go and it makes me so happy yet soooo sad to watch him leave. I love him so much and there is no way in he'll I'm letting slip throughy fingers. I want him to still be happy a million miles away from me. Any advice???
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Thanks this helps soooo much and thanks for the headsup on the age thing. Thanks sooo much.

My boyfriend is in Basic Training but only has about 17 days left..and it's really hard but writing letters helps SO much..once he gets settled in he'll start writing you letters but i suggest a few days after he gets there call the reception center and get his address. It seriously makes you feel so much better whenever you feel like you have SOME sort of communication, You just have to continually keep feeding yourself positive thoughts and surround yourself with people who understand what your going through or are willing to support you. That has also proven really helpful to me. Eventually you'll get phone calls which ARE WONDERFUL..if you have a cell keep it on you at all times because hearing his voice will give you just that little bit more to keep you going. :) Your his support system..his rock.. so make sure that you let him know that your there for him and he has someone to lean on because it's a very rough process. Make sure your letters are clean, and my boyfriend LOVES picture so you might want to ask about sending a couple..just wait until he tells you it's okay. Like said above, don't talk too too much about your age because other girls that i've talked to have said that they can get in trouble. Just use caution. They might not of said anything but just be on the safe side. On a lighter note.. Basic is really hard emotionally..and on him emotionally and physically..but words can not explain how much you appreciate every letter and every phone call. Your heart goes crazy when you go to the mailbox and every time the phone rings. It makes you appreciate your relationship..and each other SO much more! It will eventually make you SO much strongerr. You just have to be tough. I have faith in you girl. If you ever need to talk rant tell us something exciting everyone here is so supportive. YOU CAN DO IT

It'll be hard...Like others have stated...WRITE ALOT (ALOT, ALOT, ALOT) but if you two can make it through his training and your first deployment...you can make it through anything. I wish you two the best of luck =) Keep your head up and your heart strong...Love is worth the wait and heartache. You are stronger than you know...YOU CAN DO THIS! <br />
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Hey, just as a heads up...I wouldn't write tooooo much about you and your soldiers ages...in the state I live in your bf could get into trouble. I just would watch what you say on the matter...

Thanks he isn't gone yet and I'm not loosing him I know he is gona be gone a lot. I do plan on writting him all the time I love him so much! It's sooooo hard. I wish you both luck with your men and I hope they come home safe!!!

Thanks he isn't gone yet and I'm not loosing him I know he is gona be gone a lot. I do plan on writting him all the time I love him so much! It's sooooo hard. I wish you both luck with your men and I hope they come home safe!!!

I know the feeling. It's a weird mixture of pride and sadness. If you can make it through the next several months though, think of how much stronger you will be. Write often, I write every day and my soldier loves it. He tells me he wants my letters to be longer and longer. If it's real it'll last girl! Just remember that.

hes going to be gone a loooootttttttttt!! hope you can handle at such a young age.. just write a lot when he at BCT I MEAN A LOT!! if your strong an ment for him than you can get thru it.. only the strong willd can survie there relationships.. an communication is key!