Well ladies, last night i said my goodbyes to my soldier and i never felt so sick to my stomach. but then he stopped by at my house with his parents at about 3:30 a.m. to give me a card to give to his mother for valentines day and then to give me a bunch of his clothes to wear while he is gone=] as well as to say goodbye one last time. i lied there last night just thinking and crying about the past two weeks and how i wish they could have been better. My mono hadn't fully cleared up yet and i came up with some more stomach infections so i was quite crabby a lot and i felt like a horrible girlfriend. He put up with me when he should have been having a calming relaxing time but he didn't care for a second which is why i thought of how stupid i was to get upset about us fighting. it's gonna be a hard rest of the deployment... approximately 142 more days till i see him again. so in conclusion to all the jibber jabber i stated above haha, we are better than we were in my previous post a few days ago, we made it and were gonna continue making it. i had texted him while he waited for his plane that i didn't know what i was going to do with myself for the next 6-8 months - i'm really quiet when it comes to going out and i like to do my own thing ever since we got together so im usually pretty much chillen by myself which i have no problem with but i got really used to him picking me up from school when i had breaks between classes work and practice and just lying on the couch with me... he replied saying go out when you want, have fun, see your friends.. i'll always be waiting by the computer for you (when there's no mission or pt of course).. and then he said all i can really say is i'm gonna keep coming home to you until your mine for good... i knew right then and there what we had was probably army strong,, we have been through soooo much together but were still in it. just thought i'd update ya'll thanks for the comments and messages and ill keep ya'll updated as well as check up on ya'll as well! take care... LOVE LIFE BE STRONG and in our cases that's army strong



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Hey, how u holding up with the mono? just do alot of resting. I would love to talk to u. my fiancé is mp too although mine is still in basic and maybe still in processing since I just got his address when he called yesterday. he's in lost in the woods basic and ait. Message me if u like. Thanks

that is too exciting that ya'll got married, your profile picture is absolutely adorable!.!. stay busy was the number one thing i heard throughout the first 6 months... Normally i'm the type of girl that likes to keep busy whether its going out with friends or hitting the gym, but during the deployment it was so hard to do all that knowing he was gone i'm not going to lie i struggled to keep busy, but after this r&r i'm starting to realize keeping busy is what will make it fly by, i'm just looking forward to all the big things until he comes home counting down each event until its his day home! i texted him before he boarded his plane saying i don't know what i'm going to do for the next 6-8 months without him being here. he replied saying - go out, hang out with your friends, ill always be waiting to talk.... which i never really realized until he said it.!. so Enjoy your time together and God Bless his trip to wherever he is deploying. If you ever need anything let me know, take care!

yay! your halfway through, and it appears your doing a pretty darn good job. I'm sure it will all be over before you know it. My husband leaves next tuesday for his deployment, and honestly i'm freaking out. I don't know how to handle it, I don't know what i'm going to do with myself. Everyone says stay busy but i'm so unsure of how to handle it. I can't imagine not having my husband to help me through everyday and always being there. I guess I just start going down till R & R and hope for the best. Glad to see your doing well though, he's gonna be home before you know it!! take care!

we had a lot of problems that weren't necessary just us two probably both irritated with deployment and taking it out on each other. but yes stubborn is my middle name you'll be okay =] <br />
allie how long is he deploying for? you'll be able to deal with it trust me, your friends probably won't be a big help i know mine aren't but they do the best they can but without really knowing what we go through its kind of impossible. my advice is to talk to the other girls on here, cuz quite a few of us are already going through deployments and some, like you, will be experiencing them soon. my man should be home by early august im flying to see him when he gets home then after a while he should be coming back home home for about a month until he has to go back to his fort hehe. he then will be there for about a year and is more than likely deploying another year eeeek! but hey its all worth it in the end. thanks for the comment and if you ever need anything let me know!

awww I hope you feel better soon. I'm not sure what was going on earlier, but i'm glad you worked it out! My guy is deploying in the beginning of August, and I don't know how I'm going to deal. One or two months away is painful enough. It's refreshing to hear you made it halfway though! You just need to get through the next half and he's ALL YOURS!! :-) Hang in there!

I'm pretty stubborn too, so thats very good to know! haha =)

trust me hun you'll make it through it! i'm as stubborn as they come, so if i can make it through it MOST ANYONE can hehe

My soldier deploys in the fall. I'm totally dreading it! But I'm glad to see that you two have made it half way through! I can't wait to be at that point in the deployment! Congrats to you both!

THANKS!!! i'm doing okay actually with him being gone, we did our best to prepare for the goodbye. i'm soooo excited to see him and all the boys when they get back, i'm flying with his parents to go see them come home =] and you bet only half of a deployment left wooo hoo!!!

awww im sorry your guy left..but just thinks its half way over...and then it will be over..no more deployment!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon