My boyfriends a MP going to basic at fort Leonard wood MO.. its not as bad as i thought. i count the days till i get to see him again. and hearing his voice every Sunday has been the highlight of my week. Oh and the letters i get are amazing. i hear stories about girls who cheated on there soldiers I'm like wow. really? coz they are doing something so amazing and i know its hard but its all worth it in the end! i miss him so much but everyday we get threw is another day closer to being together again! if anyone knows anything about how to pass time I'm willing to listen! haha I'm so bored with out him here

Kaylajc Kaylajc
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how long was my boyfriend there?

Hi there, so we have something in common. how long was your boyfriend there? i got so much to ask u coz I really don't knw how things are. hope u don't mind.

aawww cute! my bf is an MP and did his basic there as well =]