hello everyone (: my soldier deploys to afghanistan in 11 days for 12 months. he should be back in about 6 months for r&r. he was told his camp does not have internet, only phones. so i can kiss facebook, skype, and even basic e-mails goodbye. probably the saddest thing he's told me so far. considering snail mail is the only way i can communicate with him, i was wondering if any of y'all have cute ideas of care packages that i could send him. i would really appreciate it!

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Heyy I just found this site yesterday but its got some very cute ideas for packages<br /> <br />
I figured i would give you the full site so you can check everything out<br /><br />
that is the direct link to the care packages =]]<br />
Hope it helps and remember stay strong and busy!!

hey girl, that is so tough but atleast he will be able to call, even for a few minutes. They may even move and maybe he will then get internet?<br />
<br />
Anyways, my bf left two weeks ago and we werent sure if he was going to have internet at all. I wrote him a months worth of letters to take with him so that in the event we couldnt talk he would have something to open every single day. The best idea I ever had! You might want to think of doing something like that only because he wont even receive his address right away, so at least you can be one step ahead. They werent all letters. Some were photos of us. Some were cute emails or messages we sent when we first started dating that I had printed out. Anything to remind him of how much I love him are in those letters. Well I hope this helps and good luck!!!