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I started dating my boyfriend, Christian, when he was a senior and I a junior in highschool. It was December 13, 2008.  He had told me right off the bat that joining the Army was what he had always wanted to do, and that he was planning to attend the United States Military Academy after graduation, right in his hometown of West Point, New York. West Point is the neighboring town to my hometown, Highland Falls, so we attended highschool together.

Being pestimistic, as I always seem to be, I didn't forsee our relationship lasting the six months it would have to until he'd be leaving for Beast at West Point.  Little did I know our love would go a long way.  In May, Christian found out he had not been accepted to West Point, due to poor decisions he had made in highschool.  Instead, they sent him off to a prep school, promising his admission for the following year. In August, Christian left for Valley Forge Military Academy & College in Wayne, PA.

We went two months without talking to eachother, as he had to do a "Plebe System" very similar to Beast at West Point.  Our only means of communication was letters, which did not come as often as I had liked.  In the two months he was away, I only received two letters. In October, his parents and I took the three hour drive to his school to see him be accepted as a Cadet at Valley Forge.

Seeing him that weekend was almost difficult. He was bald and almost unrecognizable. His dad had to point him out to me in the long line of men and women who wore black uniforms and white caps. When I had finally spotted him, I saw his eyes meet with mine. That was it, I knew everything was okay and that all of our feelings were stronger than they were two months ago at the last time I had seen him.  After a quick formation and ceremony, he walked right up to me, picked me up and kissed me. He told me he loved me and missed me terribly, and didn't leave my side the rest of the weekend.

After this weekend, things got much easier. He comes home as much as he can, about every other weekend. I've been down to visit him a few times, but that's harder because I obviously cannot stay in the barracks with him, and being under 18, I can't get my own hotel room.

Exactly 3 months from today, May 10, his classes end and he will be home for a month and a half until he has to report for Beast at West Point on June 28th. I will once again have to go through Beast, and not contacting him, only with letters, for another two months. I will also be going away to college, not too far away fro

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Well you've come to the right place. that sounds like a great story, that's the thing about military relationships -- most of them tend to make for great love stories, and honestly I think the odds of staying together in a military relationship are much higher than average. People tend to marry younger and be more dependent on each other. <br />
<br />
Not being able to talk except through letters is always really difficult. I just checked the mailbox today and was extremely disappointed not to find anything so hopefully i'll get something tomorrow from my soldier. But it'll get better. Us army girlfriends have to be tough, sometimes tougher than our soldiers. But the time apart is always worth the thrill you get when you get to see your man again.