My Life Becoming An Army Girlfriend

I have been an army girlfriend since December 22nd of 2009, not long, I know. Long enough to fall harder than I ever have before, long enough to truly be in love, and long enough to realize this is what/who I want for the rest of my life.

I am Brittani and this is my story, my journey, my adventure, my life. I met my soldier December 19th 2009, think that is fast for us to get together but just keep reading. Since June of 2005 I was on and off dating someone who I thought was the person I would spend the rest of my life with, I was young when we got together and thought I was in love, he moved away and things didn’t work out, we continued to talk and became on and off together, things officially broke off for some time, we both moved on to other people and then ended up getting back together February of 2009. Things were good between us (from what I thought) then got messed up in June and broke off until August. The weekend after Thanksgiving came around and we were asked to house sit for my cousins until December 7th. I had just gotten a job at Walmart working 40 hours a week a few weeks before Thanksgiving so we weren’t seeing each other much because he lived an hour away and doesn’t drive, we were both very excited to be able to spend this much time together. Come to find out it wasn’t something to get excited about, we were constantly fighting. I went in to work and everyone knew I was stressed and things were bothering me. I began to realize that maybe Rodney was not the one for me while staying in the same house alone together. I took him home December 8th and decided to not visit him when I had the day off and get out and have fun and see how I felt about it all, to see if I missed him or if I liked being away. I was talking to a friend and a co-worker (Adam), we always ended up taking our breaks together to chit-chat, he was always talking about how he was tired because his brother was home on block leave from the army and they had been out doing stuff together, and I was always talking about the problems I was having with my boyfriend, I came in one day super upset, red eyes and everything because I had spent the whole morning and ride to work fighting, I had ended up telling my boyfriend I was done he was not what I wanted and was doing nothing but holding me back in life. He was a low life no job no potential weed smoking dummy. After sharing my story with Adam that day he told me I need to get out and get my mind off things and I agreed, I went to hang out with him after work that night and had a good time him his friend and I just spent the night watching movies and playing pool, I then tried to hang out the next night but plans didn’t match up right and it didn’t work out, he then decided he wanted me to hang out with him his brother (Kyle) and his best friend (Joe) the next day. I asked about his brother the whole day I wanted all the details, of course he didn’t tell me much at all. I got to his house that night after going home to get all ready and cute because for some reason I just had a very good feeling his brother was going to be good looking. I got there and walked into the pool room where Kyle (my soldier, Adams brother) was playing the guitar and he glanced up at me and I swear our eyes got stuck. It was instant falling for each other. We then spent that night together, the next day I went to work and all day he was texting me telling me he wanted me to come back after work, so I decided to, we then spent every day together including going to Florida so I could meet his mom until January 9th, it was the first time I was going to be away from him, my first goodbye along with my first plane ride I was a wreck. At the time I didn’t plan on seeing him until April 1st, going from spending ever last minute with him to thinking that I wasn’t going to see him from almost 3 months was hell, but things became better, I found out that I got to see him for the Military ball at the end of January, and now at the end of this month with his niece we are going on a road trip to see him and then again the beginning of April. I drove down for the Military ball on Thursday January 28th making a 14 hour drive a 12 hour drive because I was so anxious to see him. The ball was supposed to be Saturday January 30th and I was supposed to leave early Tuesday morning (February 2nd) I was upset because it was such a short visit. Well the ball ended up being cancelled due to snow and rescheduled to Wednesday the 3rd, I was bummed at first but then when we were told when it was rescheduled to I was excited because I got to spend more time with him, well I ended up not leaving until this past Monday so it went from only 4 days together to 10 days, it was awesome. While I was down there we talked about me moving down there and working all that out, now I may be moving down with him either the end of this month or the beginning of April, I can’t wait!!! I love this man with my whole heart, you may think it’s so fast or too soon or anything like that but time doesn’t matter, just like age is just a number. I am lucky enough to have him stateside until November of this year but I am so not ready nor will I be when the time comes for him to be away for a year. By that time I will be living down by him and will get to spend way more time together then we are now so every moment will be spent like it’s the last. I can’t wait to marry my soldier, it will happen one day, and possibly soon, we have discussed it already and February 23rd I find out if I am pregnant!! =]]

My Army girlfriend life hasn’t been as difficult as some of yours yet because I haven’t dealt with the deployment but it is very hard being 750 miles away from the one you love more than anything.


well that was a lot longer then I thought it would be and not as well put together as I pictured it, I had to stop and eat dinner so I lost my whole thought HAHA

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Awee thank you so much!! <br />
Hope all goes well for you too

yea your story was cute. Im glad you are in love with your soilder and i will be hoping things get better and he gets closer to you..and crossing my fingers if you may be pregnant.

haha sounds like when kyle went to say it to me i grabbed his mouth and i said AH don't say it yet its too early, he told me but I do and i waited and thought about it till the next day and said it back then. I know exactly how you feel about the meant to be thing, I have been in two serious relationships before him and with one i knew it wasn't right and the other I pretty much just told myself it had to be right and it had to work out until i realized he was holding me back in life. With kyle everything is perfect with him, the feeling is indescribable and amazing and he pushes me to succeed at all I want to in life. Its awesome I love it.

Lol he was singing a song and he looked at me and said it, but i was like BITE YOUR tongue do not tell me that... lol this was a like one early morning before PT. but last night I was writing him an email.. and I said it.. I defined what love ment to me and how he is everything I want. I wanna tell him so bad! he was telling me about his ex gf who he dated for 9months and never told her... So I'm kinda scared to tell him I love him. I've never been in love like this nor have I felt like this... It's hard to explain, but its like you just know when it is ment to be!

hehe i know =]]<br />
You will begin to learn that army relationships move faster because what you experience makes feelings stronger and come faster. when do you think you are going to tell him? I bet you he is thinking the same thing =]

Lol we both have a similar story! lol I met andrew in early December, but started dating Dec. 20th and got deployed to Haiti Jan 23. I am so in love with him, but havent told him yet.

Yeah I know, I will be starting college the august before he leaves, so while he is gone i will be busy with that and possibly a baby. I know it will seem like forever, the next time i get to ssee him always seems like forever and its not even that far